Monday 2 August 2010

Paris to Geneva Cycle Challenge - Update

Congratulations to Fionnan and his colleagues who completed their ride from Paris to Geneva in one piece last week. Fionnan sent this message and pic:

Over 570kms over 4 days (due to bonus miles thrown in due to wrong turns)! We finished on Wednesday with a climb up and over the Jura Mountains and Col de la Faucille as featured in 10 previous Tour de France's. It was both the toughest cycle and most exhilarating as you descended from the Col to Geneva at up to 65kms per hour on sharp turns that you could not do here. No accidents or incidents amongst the 40 cyclists and apart from sore body parts all got through with all compliments to the Irish Hospice Foundation.

This was year 2 of a cycle "tour" challenge and rose over €300,000 of which approx €4,000 was raised from my work colleagues, family, clients, advisors and friends. I got confirmation of further donations along the way by email which was also much appreciated. The sponsor page will remain open for 2 months for any additional support - no matter what size.

Once again, many thanks for your support.

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