Tuesday 24 August 2010


A typical MAMIL.
It's always disconcerting to hear a new term being bandied humorously about in the media and then realise it applies to you!

Todays acronym is MAMIL. That is "Middle Aged Men In Lycra". Apparently this is the new name given to those of us over the age of 40(ish) who've taken to the roads on our Alu-Carbon or Full Carbon steeds, happy to be seen in public in our (sometimes very) tight, shiny clothes, sweating our way to the top of our local hills and mountains in the name of fitness (and reliving past glories!).

It seems that this is now being considered the new mid-life crisis. Gone are the shiny sports cars and jet-skis, replaced by Pinarello Dogmas and Shimano Di2's. It's out with what my wife's friend politely referred to as "f***ing marathons and motorbikes" and in with Arm-warmers and Wicklow 200's.

I was completely unaware of the label until it was covered on the Summer On One show on RTE Radio 1 this morning. So, for those of you who missed it, here it is:

From what I can see the term first came to prominence in this BBC article:

"Rise of the Mamils (middle-aged men in lycra)"

And, naturally, there're now two Facebook groups for Mamils:

MAMIL  and MAMIL Club of Great Britain

Personally, I'm glad to be a MAMIL. Having got back on the bike last year for health reasons, this year alone I've lost over two stone, I've rediscovered beautiful cycling roads I'd forgotten existed, I climbed Mamore (almost), I've covered 100 miles or more a couple of times and have several medals and certificates to show off. Plus,more importantly, I've rekindled and started several friendships which might not have happened otherwise. So scoff away media people because I can't see a downside.

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