Tuesday 23 October 2012

Some questions for Pat McQuaid on todays Pat Kenny show

Pat mc Quaid is due to appear on the Today with Pat Kenny on RTE radio this morning. I've sent in the following questions. Hopefully Pat K will push Pat Mc for some real answers. We, the UCI's members, deserve it.

 I understand that you are going to be interviewing Pat McQuaid today and would very much like to suggest some questions you might want to put to him:

 1) Why, as President of the UCI, does he refuse to accept responsibility for that organisations complete lack of objectivity regarding Lance Armstrong. It's not good enough for him to claim events happened before he became President. He is being asked to speak for the organisation, not himself.

 2) Why, as current President of the UCI, does he refuse to condemn the obviously self serving and patently false utterances of his predecessor, Hein Verbruggen.

 3) Why, despite growing evidence, did he consistently ignore the growing testimonies of former Lance colleagues, preferring instead to parrot the self serving scorn Lance himself poured on them. That continues even today : http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/mcquaid-landis-and-hamilton-are-far-from-heroes

 4) Any objective review of recent events shows that the UCI preferred to bask in the reflected glory and income of the Armstrong years rather than effectively police the sport we, the UCI's members, have entrusted to them. Does he not now believe that the dual roles of promoting and policing the sport are conflicting interests and must now be seperated. Failure to do so will inevitably result in that policing role eventually being removed form the UCI and being taken up to national authorities, who have, it has to be said, have been far more effective than any of the much (self) trumpeted efforts of the McQuaid/Verbruggen regime.

 5) As an Irish cyclist, who has known Pat McQuaid for most of my life, I would very much like to say I'm proud that one of our own holds such a prominent role in our sport but recent events make that very difficult, especially since some of the real heroes of this story are also members of the Irish cycling family. At no time has Pat McQuaid shown any solidarity with any of his compatriots, sitting pretty in his pro-Lance bubble while a thoroughly decent Irish woman, Emma O'Reilly, was ruthlessly bullied by his American friends, not to mention his former fellow Irish team member, Paul Kimmage. Did Pat, at any time make contact with Miss O'Reilly, to seek out her side of the story?