Thursday 1 March 2012

Get in the Bike Lane - Postscript

After looking on Google Street View I'm now questionning the correctness of the Garda telling me to get out of the bus lane and onto the off road bike line on Mount Merrion Ave. (see

Look at this picture:

According to the signs there is an off road cycle track, shared with pedestrians, but the other sign says the bus lane is also for bikes. So was I within my rights riding in the bus lane or does the very presence of a dedicated bike path mean I HAVE to ride in it? But then again, that isn't a dedicated bike lane, it's a footpath/bike lane so which one takes priority?


Me too!


  1. Hi, In the rules of the road it states, if there is a cycle track provided a cyclist must use it.


    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Indeed it does. However, this case shows just how ridiculous the situation is. Both the path and the bus lane are designated cycle tracks so a cyclist must use both!

      Thankfully, sense is prevailing in government circles. Progress is well advanced on repealing that law and putting responsibility for their own safety back into the hands of vulnerable cyclists.