Thursday 26 January 2012

Interesting analysis of the substances found in Alexandre Dougnier

My last post outlined the story of Alexandre Dougnier, a 19 year old 3rd cat riding for ACBB in Paris, who was found guilty of having 12 banned substances in one sample.

I mentioned that details were sketchy in reports of the story so I was very interested to see this post giving more details of the actual substances found.

Assuming this information is accurate it paints a very worrying picture of a young man trying his luck with a cocktail of drugs. Did he have any idea, or care, about the effects of mixing these drugs in his young body? Was he advised by someone who should know better or was he doing his own research, possibly online? And where did he get them all? I don't know much about the French health system but in Ireland most, if not all, of these substances can only be obtained under prescription. How did he get around that?

For his sake, and for the sake of other youngster in the sport, I really hope someone, and preferably not the cycling authorities, is seriously investigating this case.

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