Tuesday 1 March 2011

Response to Grischa Niermanns Open Letter re the ban on Race Radios

Rabobank rider, Grischa Niermann has been very vocal over the last while in protesting the CI's ban on race radios, which apparently has the bulk of the most experienced riders in the world quaking in their boots with fear for their lives.

Among his stunts was the, admittedly amusing, wearing of an aerial on his helmet which you can see below. Although you would wonder how safe that would be if someone crashed into him!

He' also issued an open letter to the UCI on the subject. Here is my open reply to that:


While I appreciate your concern about the UCI ban on race radios, which I support by the way, I do think that there is an element of unreality about the passion with which certain riders, yourself included, are reacting to the issue.

While you have every right to state your experienced opinion I don't think it reflects well on your profession that you all can get so excited and angry on this issue but have remained relatively passive when it comes to the real problem facing the sport, doping.

Where are the open letters condemning the return of Di Luca to the peloton? When did the riders threaten to strike at a race Ricco was due to ride in? Why are the peloton and the AIGCP not organising to insist that Contador is treated in the same way as Li Fuyu?

My feeling is that professional riders have a duty to protect the sport that pays their salaries. And it needs protection from a lot bigger threats than the lack of radios.

Regards, etc

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