Wednesday 8 September 2010

Recycling Cycles

Ever wondered what happens to old bikes and bike bits? Apparently, in these eco-conscious times, there are lots of people out there thinking up creative ways of making use of old bike bits.

Here're a few of my favourites. (Click on the photo to go to the original site).


Bike Chain and Spoke Bracelet

Cable and Bike Chain Bracelet

Cuff "Links"

Household Stuff:

Bike Chain Lamps

Bike Tube Shelving System

Bike Tube Rug

Lounge Chair

Wheel Mirror

Side Table

Wheel Pot Rack

Wheel Clock

Bits and Bobs:

Cassette Clock

Chainring Pendulum Clock

Candle Holder

Tea Light Holder

Tyre Belt

But my favourites are these two projects where someone was really thinking big:

Bike Windmill - using old clean transport to make new clean power.

Bike Christmas Tree. This was done in London to promote cycling.

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