Friday 5 March 2010

Kare Tour De Foothills

I registered for the Kare Tour De Foothills today. It'll be the first sportive of the year for me but hopefully not the last, like last year!

It's on Sunday 11th April, starting and finishing in Naas GAA club. There'll be 100km, 50km and 20km options. They haven't announced the routes yet but I suppose they'll be similar to last year.

I did the 100km then, on a beautiful sunny day. The organisation was so good the only problem on the day was deciding whether to risk shorts in April! I did and that was a good move. The route was very scenic taking in a lap of the Blessington Lakes and rolling roads through west Wickow and east Kildare.

It's all for a good cause too. KARE is an innovative and progressive voluntary organisation committed to providing an individualised service based on best practice to over 400 children and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families throughout Counties Kildare, East Offaly and West Wicklow.



  1. what weight are you now? very old friend well same age as you! must attend this event and catch up on old times sos

  2. Is this the sos I think it is, ex Obelisk? Please do come along. I'd love to catch up (or get in touch via facebook). As for my weight, let's just say "ample but slowly falling"!

  3. yep its me facebook me as i cannot find you only some guy in a field of poppys

  4. To many sos's on FB. Can't tell which one is you. If you click the link to become a fan of The Muse-ette on FB on the top left of this page then I'll be able to see your profile and can connect with you.