Thursday 18 February 2010

Riccardo Ricco - the snake!

I was all set to write a long rant on what a s**t Riccardo Ricco has shown himself to be in how he's handled the news that the mother of his child has tested positive for CERA, but Europeloton has done it for me. Read the post here:

One aspect of the issue that Europeloton hasn't mentioned is Rossi's defense that she's a breastfeeding mum so would be crazy to use CERA. If she's telling the truth then Ricco is truly a weasel, if she's not then I can't find a suitable word for what she is. Either way it's the child you have to feel sorry for!

In addition, if she is telling the truth, she has been done a very serious wrong and it would raise major questions about the whole system of testing. But given her choice of partner it's hard to believe her.

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